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ARTEMIS SUN INSTITUTIONAL SOLAR | a premier developer of 500kW to 30MW utility-scale solar (PV) systems in the southwest US.

Powered by a management team of experienced legal, finance, design/build engineers, and installation experts; ARTEMIS SUN develops turn-key solar energy facilities for state, city, and private institutions. These include correctional facilities, hospitals, schools and colleges, municipalities, cold storage, and “large-footprint” commercial and industrial energy users.

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Design & Engineer

Legal & Finance

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Artemis Sun Institutional Solar | Services

Premier Utility-Scale PV Solar Developers

| Design & Engineering

ARTEMIS SUN and its team of experienced solar energy experts are specialized in designing each power generating facility to maximize efficiency and endure the harshest of climates in the US. By combining the most robust and proven designs with the highest quality materials available, ARTEMIS developed systems will continue producing energy well beyond the typical 20 year term of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Legal & Financing |

Most institutions and organizations simply do not have the necessary capital or budget required to afford the upfront and total cost of designing and building a solar energy generating facility. ARTEMIS specializes in providing its clients with mutually beneficial long-term PPA/Lease options that typically require no out of pocket expense and ultimately guaranty savings against their current utility/retail cost.

| Build & Operation

ARTEMIS SUN is aligned with and utilizes several of the most experienced, qualified, and nationally recognized Solar Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) firms in the United States; and combined with ARTEMIS have the manpower, leverage, and resources to deliver efficiently on turn-key projects ranging from 500kW to 30MWs.

Proven On-site Power Generation.

Photovoltaic (PV) technology is currently the fastest growing sector for energy production in the U.S. and worldwide for these fundamental reasons:

  • the total installation cost of a utility-scale PV system is 70% less than 4 years ago.
  • the reduced cost has allowed PV generated electricity to reach grid parity and is now less expensive than the local utility in most U.S markets.
  • 30-40 year life expectancy for power production.
  • benign technology, requiring little to no maintenance.
  • there is no disruption to the flow of electricity or operation at the client's facility if the system is offline.

Distributed Solar + Current Utility

Solar as a Supplement, not a Replacement

Most of our clients initially believe that by installing a solar facility, they will become disconnected from the grid, and 100% reliant upon the system for making their electricity. Actually the opposite is true; and ARTEMIS very rarely develops projects that are true "off-grid" systems.

ARTEMIS' facilities are designed to make enough solar power during the day (between 50 and 90% of total usage) based on a thorough analysis of the historical, current, and future bills and rate structure. This protects our clients from over-production or service interruption.

Balanced Energy | Example

Distributed Solar - Annual production/purchase @ $0.09/kWh


Current Utility - Annual purchase @ $0.14/kWh


Reduction of Total Electricity Cost/Year


Ground Mounted - Fixed

Ground Mounted - Tracking

Roof Mounted - Ballasted

Covered Parking